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A great innovative way to explore the city

While we still don’t do tours through the skies of Lisbon, we propose the Segway as the best option for those who love to visit a city in an unconventional way.
An eco-friendly vehicle that drives you everywhere!

Adrenaline Rush Guaranteed

The Segway is a personal transportation that may look complex but in five minutes you’ll be able to control it. If you think you’ve already seen everything, try to visit Lisbon as if you were on a roller coaster.

Don’t Walk, Just glide on a Segway!

This vehicle makes the experience of exploring the city comfortable and easy! Lisbon has beautiful landscapes every time you go up a hill and you have the river and the rooftops of the city on the horizon. If the physical effort and tiredness bothers you, this is the best strategy. Let's visit Lisbon in a creative and sustainable way!

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